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Nikon D4 – Hands on Preview | Latest Industry News

Nikon D4 – Hands on Preview
Hayley Paterek

Here’s a hands on preview of Nikon’s new D4, a full-frame professional DSLR with impressive ISO capabilities

Nikon D4 top of camera view
Nikon D4
Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of the new Nikon D4, here’s a quick look behind the scenes with hands on shots and some of my first thoughts.
Hands on shot of the Nikon D4
Hands on with the Nikon D4
Hailed as Nikon’s new flagship model, the D4 is an upgrade to its predessor, the D3. Due to be released in February 2012 for around £4,799.99, Nikon are aiming to beat the release of Canon’s new full-frame DSLR, the EOS-1DX which will be available from March 2012.
With 45 improvements, including a new full-frame sensor, Nikon has pack in some impressive features. You can check out the D4′s big feature details below in the Nikon issued press release or visit the Nikon site.
Built with a similar design to the D3 model, upgrading users will find the new D4 a breeze to use. There are however, new and improved AF controls on the body, making it easier to switch between focus areas whether you’re shooting in landscape or portrait orientation. In hand, the D4 is heavy as expected, weighing in at around 1,134g without a lens but build quality on this camera is impressive.
Hands on back of D4
Hands on with the Nikon D4
One of the camera’s biggest selling points is its low light capabilities as ISO sensitivity can be extended to as much as ISO 204,800. The D4′s improved AF system also means you can focus the camera better in extreme low light, even moonlight.
During the launch presentation we were also shown a short film by Corey Rich that was shot on the D4. Full HD movie quality was incredible, making the new D4 a fantastic, versatile camera that I predict will take the market place by storm and give its competitor the Canon EOS 1-DX a good run for its money.
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