Monday, 14 May 2012

Photographic Tips Digest: Be Inspired

Roads and highways often make irresistible subject matter for photographers. Whether they are long, straight and bleak or winding and tree-lined, images of roads can be among the most evocative of images.
Good composition is key to making or breaking great photos of roads; the image should convey depth and guide the viewer’s eye from one area of the frame to another. If the road is long and straight, try to ensure that it tapers to a tip toward the centre of the image. If you are photographing a winding road, it’s a good idea to compose the shot so that the road goes from one corner to either the middle of the image or to the other corner. But of course breaking the rules can also yield equally great results…
The below demonstrate some fantastic examples of highway and road photography.

Long Desert Highway © Glenn Nagel

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Photographic Tips Digest: Be Inspired

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