Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Enhance a reflection in Photoshop

How to enhance a reflection in Photoshop: our final image
When shooting a landscape on a wind-free day, water acts as a mirror, adding symmetry to your composition. However, the reflection may not be as bright or clear as the rest of the scene, upsetting the balance.
When improving a waterscape’s colours and tones, you will need to make separate adjustments to the reflective areas to boost their differences in colour, contrast and detail. Fortunately, Photoshop Elements’ Adjustment Layers make this easy, giving you complete control over selective enhancements.
Our magnificent mountain is slightly washed out contrast-wise, and a little desaturated, while 
its more saturated reflection has lost some detail to the stronger foreground shadows. By brightening up the shot to reveal the reflection’s darker details, you run the risk of over-exposing the mountain’s brighter highlights.
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Enhance a reflection in Photoshop

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