Monday, 25 June 2012

Interview with Fine Art Portrait Photographer Bill Gekas

Earlier in the year while surfing through a list of photographers on Google Plus I came across a photograph that grabbed my attention. A young girl with rosy cheeks, big wide eyes and a serious look on her face stood against a green wallpapered wall dressed in a bright red jacket while holding a bowl of cherries.
The image was striking on many levels – the subject, the colour, the pose, the style of the image and what it evoked on an emotional level all caused me to look twice.
The photographer was Bill Gekas and a quick look through the rest of his work revealed some beautiful images with a distinct style and attention to detail.
Today I’m excited to present an interview with Bill Gekas as well as some of his beautiful images. Bill lives in Melbourne Australia. Check out more of his work on his website and blog. Connect with him on Twitter and Google+.

Bill – can you tell us a little about your switch from film to digital photography? When and Why did you make the switch?

My transition from film to digital happened in 2005. Up until then I was primarily shooting both positive and negative 35mm colour and doing my own developing and darkroom printing from 35mm negative b&w film. As good as what traditional processes may have been at the time the switch to digital capture and post processing just opened up a whole new world which really simplified the process by a large degree.

What impact did this switch have upon your work?

This had the most positive impact on my work where I discovered I could finally create the images in my mind’s eye without spending the time and money using traditional processes! Digital capture simplified the workflow to the point where the tools and workflow were now a transparent part of the creative process and not getting in the way, it felt really liberating in that sense and it was very much welcomed!

Has portraiture always been a major focus of your photography? If not – why is it something you seem to focus upon so much today?

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Interview with Fine Art Portrait Photographer Bill Gekas

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