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EXCLUSIVE! Mark Hamblin’s best UK wildlife locati

Mark Hamblin’s best UK wildlife locations
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16 August 2012 14:37
The British Isles is a veritable hotbed of relatively accessible wildlife all year round. Top wildlife pro Mark Hamblin shares his favourite locations…
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Mark Hamblin
Mark is an experience wildlife photographer based in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. He’s currently working on several long-term conservation projects, including Tooth & Claw and 2020Vision. Click here to find out more.
The hard part of shooting wildlife is getting close to your subject, and even with a long telephoto lens it’s surprising just how close you have to be to get frame-filling images. So rather than chase wildlife aimlessly around the countryside only to see it disappear over the horizon, it’s far better to head to locations where the wildlife is more accessible and easier to approach. Urban and suburban areas where wildlife has become accustomed to people are great for photography and many species can often be tempted to within range by providing suitable food. There is also a whole range of wildlife reserves dotted around the country and many of these have purpose-built hides from where you can watch and photograph wildlife.
As is often the case, knowledge is king and good sites that were once closely guarded secrets among wildlife photographers are now common knowledge, largely as a result of the rapid exchange of information on the internet. This is a great way to discover potential locations, but there have been instances in recent years where overenthusiastic photographers, and indeed some irresponsible individuals, have put undue pressure and stress onto wildlife. So this needs to be borne in mind when visiting any location and it’s vital to always put the welfare of the animal first. However, there are a number of well-managed locations around the country where it’s possible to get fantastic close-up encounters of a range of species. Here are four suggestions of where to go in search of wildlife this autumn…
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