Monday, 27 August 2012

Great Photography

Very good links curated by Toad Hollow Photography

Dark Sharks – Karen Glaser delivers a stunning series of very grainy black-and-white images captured in the depths of the ocean.  Karen’s images, often surreal in nature, share a compelling and dramatic story of life in the depths.  The high level of grain in these images accents the drama of the set, and her compositions really convey the stunning seascapes that exist under the cover of deep water.

2012 Porsche Boxster S – if you love cars, you will cherish this series of photographs from Rick at Hansrico Photography.  The latest rendition of the fabled Porsche Boxster S is featured against an old industrial backdrop, making for the most amazing images of this stunning red roadster.  These shots are all second-to-none and are well worth the time to visit and view for yourself.

Photostory: A taste of Prince Edward County

Sherry Galey brings along as she explores the beautiful wine country found in Ontario, Canada.  Sherry’s use of wonderful photography is brought to life with her great blog post here, making for a great way to have a fabulous experience all from the comfort of your home.

Golden Gray – I have come to have a deep love for the world as seen through the lens of Gost ∞ Ridr.  This shot of the city of Dubai tells an instant story of the famous city below taken at night, and also delivers some of the most stunning details you’ve seen in this genre of imagery.
Kite photography

 – oh wow, you just have to stop what you’re doing right now and click this link, you’ll thank us later!  Edin Chavez does something I’ve never seen before, nor have I ever considered it.  He uses a kite that floats about 500 feet above the ground to create some of the most stunning imagery found in this week’s list.  This entire set is absolutely amazing!!

At Home With The Dutch Angle – I just love to celebrate unique things, especially when they deliver something that is unusual.  Mark Garbowski goes through quite a lot to capture this image, facing many challenges to his day.  As it turns out, through an act of discovery, he finds that he used a popular compositional technique that in the case of the picture posted here really adds a huge element of interest and tension.
Backyard – reflections created by composing still waters into a scene can provide for very compelling photography.  Jacky CW captures a shot of a beautiful lake in California with a commanding volcano present in the backdrop.
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