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Exclusive Interview: Photographer of World's Cutest Kitten - My Modern Metropolis

Remember Daisy? Silly question, right? How could you forget her! It was just yesterday that we introduced you to, who we named, the cutest little kitten in the world. If you were like us, you weren't satisfied with just those pictures, you were left wanting to learn more. Where was Daisy found and what's her personality really like? Also, what are some ways we can all take adorable pet photos like this? Lucky for us, we got a hold of owner Ben Torode to ask him these questions and more. Read that exclusive interview, below.

Where did you find Daisy?
We found Daisy at a pet store in Tokyo. We didn't know what kind of cat we wanted but when we first saw Daisy it was love at first sight. We actually just went in to the store "for a look" but came out with Daisy. We named her Daisy as it was my nickname for my wife when I first met her.
How old is she in these photos and how old is she now?
Most of the photos of her are from when she was between eight and sixteen weeks old. She's six months old now.

Can you tell us more about Daisy's personality?
Daisy doesn't like to be held or even petted that much, but she HATES to be alone. Her happiest time (apart from eating) is joining us on the bed. She just likes to be near us and that's when she'll purr like crazy. She also has a great hunter instinct. She'll stalk, hunt and pounce at her mortal enemy, the mysterious laser pointer, until she's tired.

What have you learned about shooting kittens in the process?
More than anything I have learned that it's nearly impossible to make a kitten do something and have it understand what it's doing in the process, so you cannot present human motivations and expect the cat to act accordingly. In other words, you need to play to the kitten's own instincts to provide the motivation for it to go somewhere or act in a certain way that feels natural to the cat. As soon as a cat decides it doesn't like something, you are going to lose the shot.
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Exclusive Interview: Photographer of World's Cutest Kitten - My Modern Metropolis

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