Thursday, 25 July 2013

What Is This Thing?

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World's 20 Best Hikes—Must-See

New Photos: Lions Like Never Before

New Panda Twins: Can Both Live?
"Vampire" Grave Discovered
Photo of the Day
(With Wallpaper)
New Photos: Maya Underworld Revealed
Enter the lair of the rain god: Giant submerged caves dwarf our explorers in stunning pictures from the latest National Geographic magazine.
What Is This Thing?
Hint: It's the only animal to have survived the vacuum of space.
3 Ways You Can Avoid Shark Bites
Always ask yourself these simple questions ...
Our Most Popular Photo
See a river practically "paved" with crocs—July's most viewed picture.
Fish Do Fall From the Sky
The so-bad-it's-bad movie Sharknado has some truth to it.
Croc Carries Babies in Jaws
Some of the world's most terrifying teeth double as baby carriers.
Barefoot Waterskiing
Yes it's possible (you'll see), and it's proof of the remarkable force of water.
Large-Nose, Horned Dinosaur Found
Scientists are stumped—what was that giant schnoz for?
World's Stinkiest Flower Finally Blooms
It happens only every eight to ten years: An eight-foot corpse flower unfurls with odorific fanfare.
Beachgoer Wrestles Shark to Shore
It was an "amazing experience," he says—but what about the shark?
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