Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lions Like You've Never Seen Them Before

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First up: Smile—even lions have bad hair days.

You've Never Seen Lions Like This

You've Never Seen Lions Like This
Our team just spent months in the Serengeti using new technology to bring you an epic, intimate, unprecedented look at lions. The incredible images make it wondrously clear why we're committed to protecting big cats.
Trust us—you've got to see this.

Giant Mythical Maya Discovery

Giant Mythical Maya Discovery
You can't plan this stuff: One of our explorers was excavating a looters' tunnel recently when he stumbled upon amazing carvings that help explain an ancient mystery.
See new photos from the Maya underworld.

Well, half the fish are female—I guess we could put up with a few women. - Join the Conversation
Inca Child Sacrifices Drugged
Hair on mummies found by a Nat Geo explorer shows signs of heavy coca and alcohol use.
Four Ways High-tech Headbands Can Boost Brainpower
A Nat Geo scientist is making mind control a reality.
Ancient Pair Found Buried With Flowers
The world's oldest burial flowers have been revealed by a Nat Geo dig.

The Photo Story You Made

The Photo Story You Made
For our latest assignment, we asked you to transport us with your travel photos. You sure did. See the stunning results, curated by National Geographic photo editor Sarah Polger.
Look at 20 great travel shots taken by Nat Geo fans like you.

Help Us Name this Mystery Fish

Help Us Name This Mystery Fish
National Geographic explorer Enric Sala discovered this little guy (gal?) while diving off the coast of Chile. Experts say it could be a new species. Submit a name and you could win a trip for two to the Galápagos from National Geographic Expeditions.
Enter now at

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