Friday, 6 September 2013

Do we place too much emphasis on getting it right in camera?

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Do we place too much emphasis on getting it right in camera? Of course, we all strive to do the best we can with our cameras, but sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe you can't get to the beach for the best light. Or you didn't have time and money to make the ideal lighting setup. Your image-editing software can help in these situations, and here at Digital Camera World we fully embrace the power of the digital darkroom. In this week's bulletin's you'll find expert tutorials on everything from unlocking raw files to setting a good digital workflow.

Getting to grips with your photo editing software can be quite a challenge if you’re just getting started. In this tutorial we’ve compiled 18 of the best photo editing tips and quick fixes for photographers who want to beat some of the common problems photographers face with colour, tone and composition.

As part of our ongoing series to help you get more creative with your digital camera, each month we publish some fun, seasonal, creative photo ideas to help inspire your imagination. Along with some amazing images, we’ve also provided some quick photography tips by both amateur and professional photographers who are experts in these fields.

How to Photoshop wedding photos: how to get the perfect digital workflow

If you’ve documented someone’s wedding, a massive photo editing job awaits you. If you’re feeling bewildered by the process of how to Photoshop wedding photos, our tutorial reveals how to structure your digital workflow, along with some tips and quick fixes to rescue your images, as well as add some clever, creative Photoshop effects.

It’s well known that raw files retain a wider dynamic range than JPEGs, and photographers rely on raw format to hold shadow and highlight detail in high-contrast scenes which they can recover later on with their photo editing software on their computer. But how much leeway do you really have? We reveal just what raw can do... and what it can't.

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