Thursday, 5 September 2013

Uncovering a Mystery of the Deep, a Dangerous Iceberg, and More

Find out what caused mysterious underwater structures–and more–this week! View in web browser.
Inside Nat Geo

Icebergs, Chimps, and Mysteries of the Deep
This week we're diving deep to bring you an insider's look at what's happening around National Geographic.

First up: Polar bears aren't the only threat in the Arctic.


There Was This Other Iceberg...
National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala and his team are exploring Franz Josef Land, one of the world’s most remote archipelagoes. Recently, a chance event saved them from a dangerous encounter.
See what threat is bigger than a polar bear.

Giant Mythical Maya Discovery

What Made These Mystery Circles?
No, it’s not aliens of the deep—it’s actually male pufferfish building elaborate nests to woo females. These puffy perpetrators spend about ten days carefully constructing and decorating these strange structures.
Get the story behind this labor of love.

Well, half the fish are female—I guess we could put up with a few women. - Join the Conversation
Battling the Yosemite Rim Fire
See photos of firefighters battling a massive fire that menaces Yosemite National Park.
New "Teddy Bear" Species Discovered
This rare, fuzzy forest dweller is found in Andean cloud forests.
Six Stealthy Energy Hogs
These power-hungry devices eat up more than their fair share of energy.

The Photo Story You Made

In Pursuit of Poachers
The typical drama of chimpanzee life, punctuated by a frequent chorus of hoots and screams, was heightened by gunshots and a foot chase through the forest to catch poachers on a recent afternoon in Uganda.
Read Young Explorer Aaron Sandel’s account of the action.

Help Us Name this Mystery Fish

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