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How to Stay Inspired in Photography

How to Stay Inspired in Photography

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How to Stay Inspired in Photography

Posted: 29 Jan 2014 06:20 PM PST

Photography might bore you down when you come around the same venues and do the same type of shooting every time you pick up the camera. To maintain the effectiveness, one has to stay inspired and stay in line with the latest technology. When you do not have that inspiration, your work will definitely show your disinterest. Today, people who want your service can very well estimate your inspiration towards photography. You must know the tactic of pleasing the clients with your exponential photography skills. You have to prove to them that you offer unique services and excite them with captivating images.

inspired photography

“click” captured by Eduard Eddy (Click Image to See More From Eduard Eddy)

To stay inspired with Photography, here are the few suggested methods that will sculpt you to be a resilient photographer.

View Movies – By watching movies that are skilfully cinematographed you can enhance your technical skills. Here you are observing the movements with your own eyes and the visual interpretations are always well registered in the human minds. You have to look for the lighting and ideas that the cinematographers used to make the movie appreciable.

Visit cities – Visit the nearest cities and capture the monuments, architects, lifestyle and nightlife of people living there.

Visit zoos – Taking pictures in a zoo is not an easy task, as you have to hide all the barricades that obstruct your views. This is the place where you can capture the close movements of animals that are comparatively difficult in an open forest. Try to show that you have shot the animals from a close distance.

Surfing sites – To stay connected with the current market need you have to go through few stock sites that offer competitive images. You can collect some ideas as well as know the commercial needs.

Go to racing sports – This gives you the opportunity of capturing the speed. Capturing images of objects that are in motion requires specific talent. It is highly regarded as a photography skill as you bring out the clarity in motion. Your interest in the sports also brings out your real skill.

Get into the crowd – Clicking images in the crowd is a special talent. This only develops when you start clicking images from your living street and extend further. Street photography offers you many good things to capture and is popular in the photography world.

Time of shooting – Do not always stick to daytime shooting. Show some variations by shooting images somewhere in the dusk or early morning. This will give you enough knowledge about the light variations and the filters that you can conveniently use to capture a good image.

photo inspiration

“Day 49/365 This is what I see nearly every day” captured by Joseph Stevenson (Click Image to See More From Joseph Stevenson)

Go under water – You are getting into a different world. You need not be a diver for this purpose and it is enough that you protect the camera with proper waterproof materials. More captivating images can be got on the surface of the water where you get ample light.

View packaging materials – An example for this is a CD packaging material, which always try to bear an eye catchy image. The photography skill involved in this also highly contributes to the sales volume.

Try with different lenses – Try shooting images with different lenses. The best landscape photographs are derived through using various lenses.

Participate in competitions – It is not enough that you concentrate only on accumulating skills. Your skills have to be examined to stay in the market. The only way to identify where you stand in the photography lies in participating in various photography competitions.

Use different cameras – When you generally work with digital camera try using analogue and vice versa.

Help society – Your photography skill will provide you more solace when you help the society with it. You can teach others or contribute to society by offering free services.

Work with Photoshop – You can give new touches to your images using Photoshop. Photoshop offer wonderful tools that can bring colours in your images. As a photographer, an excellent knowledge in Photoshop is a must and greatly required in profession.

Model Photography – This will give you a special place in the Fashion World. Taking photographs of models requires high skills and is an ever-rewarding job as the fashion is ever changing.

Membership in Photography Organization – Always aspire to become a member in Photography organization and participate in discussions. This will yield you more photography friends and support for your profession.

Blogging – This gives you an opportunity to write your experiences in the field of photography. This might help other struggling photographers to develop their skills and also provide you some fresh inputs.

Read Blogs – Reading blogs created by other photographers will inspire you in many ways. This is where you get new ideas for developing your photography skills in various dimensions. You will also get some tips for selling your work.

Read Books – This is something like a dictionary that you will refer at the time of need. Owning excellent books on photography is also one way of developing your skill. You can come across lots of techniques that great people have adopted.

Buy a new camera or accessories – This is one great way of staying inspired with photography. New equipments will generally carry new features, which everybody like to try. You also tend to get new ideas when you start working with new equipments.

how to stay inspired

“Against all the Odds” captured by Ji Yeon So (Click Image to See More From Ji Yeon So)

Generally all images come with a spark of inspiration. Inspiration differs in each photographer. It is often difficult to stay with the same inspiration throughout the career. By adopting the above-suggested tips, a photographer can positively stay inspired throughout his/her career.

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Rhommel Bernardino is the creator and webmaster of photographyarticles dot net. He is a freelance photographer based in Toronto, Canada and has been shooting weddings, events, portraits, fashion, glamour and nudes for the last 5 years. He is also organizes photographic events like photo shootouts and occasionally hosts photography workshops in and around Toronto.

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Timelapse: New Year’s Eve In New York City

Posted: 29 Jan 2014 02:12 PM PST

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Times Square in New York City is on many a bucket list. It is one of the largest celebrations of its type–an estimated 1,000,000 people attend the event in person with another 1,000,000,000 (yes, that’s right, one billion) people tuning in worldwide via TV and Internet. The following timelapse video takes viewers right to the heart of the action:

Filmed over the course of 12 hours from the rooftops of two different hotels, the crew used a wide assortment of gear to capture the stunning footage. Here is a sampling of what was inside their camera bags:

Can you imagine carrying all that gear around New York City on the most bustling day of the year? It goes to show how much blood, sweat, and tears actually go into making a two and half minute video clip.

nye nyc

new york city new years

Produced by The Timelapse Group, the video was made by compiling over 18,000 still photographs to give the appearance of moving video.

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Interesting Photo Of The Day: Winter Bliss

Posted: 29 Jan 2014 12:08 PM PST

Winter isn’t most people’s favorite season. It’s cold, icy, grey, and daylight hours are limited. However, Alan Howe might convince a few fair weather photographers that risking the frigid temperatures could pay off big. The image you see below was shot by Howe during his time hiking in Oregon:

Winter Bliss by Alan Howe

“A ton of fresh snow made trees look like marshmallows and a tranquil calmness in the air let the amazing light do all of the talking. It was a lot of work to get this shot but the memories I’m reminded of when I view the photo take me back to this wonderful time on the mountain as if it were yesterday.” -Alan Howe

With Mt. Hood occupying the background, Mirror Lake taking center stage, and the trees, covered in fresh, powdery snow, taking charge of the foreground, the image is balanced and interesting. Howe creates a depth that many landscape images fail to capture. The gorgeous colors in the photo are the icing on the top.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Photography

Posted: 29 Jan 2014 10:28 AM PST

As an amateur photographer, you’re more than likely feeling a little impatient with the learning process. No doubt, you just want to be creating awesome, mind-blowing images this minute. Forget about weeks, months, or even years from now. Well, apparently Kai & his team understand this, so they’ve come up with some tips for improved photography and instant gratification:

If you’ve found yourself laughing too hard and you’ve missed some of the key points, here’s the gist:

1. Size Down Your Gear

Stick to the basics. By using only one camera and lens, you can learn how to get the best shot instead of focusing on figuring out how to use all the gear.

2. Good Artists Copy

Choose a shot you like by another artist and emulate it. It may just be a knock-off, but in the process you’re learning how to appreciate and develop a style.

3. Force Yourself to Shoot Less

Maybe get a smaller memory card or just forget digital completely. You can learn to recognize a great shot if you are more selective and put some pressure on yourself to get the shot the first time.

4. Use M Mode

Going fully manual is the best way to learn. Using M mode forces you to understand what everything means–aperture, shutter speed, ISO.

5. Look for Critique

Feedback is always good. Even if it’s harsh, it’s helpful.

photography tips
Prefer instant gratification? Try these 5 tongue-in-cheek tips:

  1. Blur everything
  2. Tilt your camera when taking a shot
  3. Add some vignetting
  4. Make poorly done HDR
  5. Turn it all to black and white

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