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New Trips in 2014! A Sneak Peek at Our New Expeditions Catalog

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This year, our new expeditions will have us venturing far and wide—from Colombia to Ethiopia to the far-flung islands of the South Pacific. The latest National Geographic Expeditions catalog will be arriving in homes shortly, full of inspiring trips led by our top experts all over the world. In the meantime, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of the unique experiences we have in store.

Wildlife enthusiasts can join a National Geographic Emerging Explorer in India, tracking Bengal tigers and one-horned rhinos in three national parks with conservation biologist Krithi Karanth or wildlife photographer and filmmaker Sandesh Kadur. We’ll discover Colombia's charming colonial cities, delve into the distinctive culture of Eastern Cuba, and encounter the fascinating peoples of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. Families will find a host of new trips to places like Iceland, Tanzania, Peru, and China that are designed for travelers of all ages and incorporate a unique kid-to-kid connection with local youths. The new National Geographic Orion plies the seas from Australia’s wild Kimberley coast to Easter Island on a variety of voyages that explore island cultures and the undersea. And we’ve added four new photography expeditions, including the Silk Road and India by Rail.

Take a look at some of the fantastic opportunities below. Then visit our website to see detailed itineraries and expert biographies. Happy travels!
Our Newest Expeditions
India Wildlife Safari -
India Wildlife Safari
15 Days | 2014 Departure Date: Oct. 30
2015 Departure Dates: Jan. 12, Feb. 23, Mar. 9
Join National Geographic Emerging Explorers Krithi Karanth or Sandesh Kadur on safari in three of India’s national parks: Panna, Bandhavgarh, and Kaziranga.

Discovering Colombia -
Discovering Colombia
11 Days | 2014 Departure Date: Nov. 5
2015 Departure Dates: Jan. 10, Feb. 15, Mar. 8
Delve into a rich blend of pre-Columbian culture and colonial heritage in Bogotá and Villa de Leyva, explore cloud forests and the Coffee Triangle, and discover magical Cartagena as you soak up the exhilaration of a beautiful country reawakening.

Ethiopia: The Omo Valley and Lalibela -
Ethiopia: The Omo Valley and Lalibela
14 Days | 2014 Departure Date: Dec. 29
2015 Departure Date: Apr. 1
Ethiopia is a cradle of human origins, world religions, and some of the most intriguing tribal traditions in Africa. Encounter the captivating cultures of the Omo River Valley and the subterranean churches of Lalibela, and enjoy the insights of human rights activists, farmers, and paleontologists.

New Photo Trips
Silk Road Photo Expedition -
Silk Road Photo Expedition
14 Days | 2014 Departure Date: Oct. 28
Trace the Silk Road through Central Asia with your camera in hand, focusing on a stunning array of architecture, from the splendid Islamic monuments of Bukhara and Samarkand to the onion domes of Moscow and the yurts of Kazakhstan. Photograph ancient oasis cities built of mud, eccentric capital cities, and the vast desert of Karakum.

Ethiopia Photo Expedition -
Ethiopia Photo Expedition
14 Days | 2014 Departure Date: Sep. 15
2015 Departure Date: Jan. 9
Explore Ethiopia’s rich cultural landscape with National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier, enjoying specially arranged opportunities to photograph the diverse tribes of the Omo Valley, known for their elaborate body ornamentation. Focus on the subterranean churches of Lalibela and catch the energy and pageantry of a traditional festival.

Colombia Photo Expedition -
Colombia Photo Expedition
11 Days | 2014 Departure Date: Dec. 7
Capture the spirit of a country reconnecting with the world, photographing vibrant street life and colonial streets in Cartagena and Bogotá. Frame magnificent architecture from an underground salt cathedral to historic castles and convents. Zoom in on exotic flora and fauna in the cloud forest, and shoot spectacular mountain landscapes in the Coffee Triangle.

India by Rail Photo Expedition -
India by Rail Photo Expedition
13 Days | 2015 Departure Date: Jan. 25
Revel in the endless photographic opportunities that India presents on a journey through Rajasthan aboard the Palace on Wheels. Document the junction of ancient and modern in Delhi, and photograph blue-hued Jodhpur and the pink city of Jaipur. Focus on the shimmering palaces of Udaipur and find a new angle on the Taj Mahal during a sunrise shoot.

More New Trips for 2014
Eastern Cuba: Crossroads of History and Culture -
Eastern Cuba: Crossroads of History and Culture
11 Days | 2014 Departure Dates: Feb. 18, Mar. 18, Apr. 1, Apr. 8
Journey east from vibrant Havana to Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa, soaking up the unique culture and exploring a vivid history from colonial times to the Cuban Revolution. Along the way, meet folk dancers and fishermen, journalists and artists, and descendants of the indigenous Taino people.

Family Trips -
Family Trips
Introduce your family to the wonder of travel on one of six new expeditions designed to engage the whole family. In the company of a dynamic expedition leader and a young explorer leader, climb China’s Great Wall; go whitewater rafting in Costa Rica; take a dip in Iceland's Blue Lagoon, explore the cave cities of Cappadocia, Turkey; and much more!

Voyages aboard the National Geographic Orion -
Voyages Aboard the National Geographic Orion
Climb aboard the National Geographic Orion, the newest ship in our fleet, and discover remote islands and marine wonders from Asia across the South Pacific. On a series of unforgettable voyages, delve into Indonesia's myriad cultures, encounter orangutans in Borneo, snorkel and dive pristine reef systems and World War II shipwrecks, and experience the mystique of Easter Island.

For more information or to reserve your place, call 1-888-966-8687 or visit us at

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