Friday, 5 July 2013

What's your most important feature in a new camera?

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 Hi Photographer

Who else was caught off-guard by the Canon EOS 70D? We certainly were - on paper it looks amazing, and we can't wait to get it in for testing! Amid the buzz about this camera, one of the questions we keep hearing is how it compares to the Nikon D7100, its closest competitor. 

Our experts at N-Photo and PhotoPlus: Canon Edition took a long look at each contender and gave us some exclusive analysis on how they compare. You'll find that below, along with an exciting batch of new photo ideas to try in July!

Don't forget, there's still time to enter our wonderful new photo competition! We've partnered with international sight-saving charity ORBIS to offer Digital Camera World readers the opportunity to go on assignment with the charity and document its important work at its missions in Nepal. 

When the Canon EOS 7D was announced earlier this week, it marked a significant upgrade over its predecessor and drew instant comparisons to its closest rival, the Nikon D7100. Both are exciting cameras, but there are some clear advantages to both. We took a look at each of these key differences to help you make the right choice.

As part of our ongoing series to help you get more creative with your digital camera, each month we publish some fun, seasonal, creative photo ideas to help inspire your imagination. This month we have some amazing ideas for you - such as Matt Molloy's time stack technique (see left), along with some quick photography tips to get you started.

10 wildlife photography mistakes everyone makes (and how to fix them)

Wildlife photography is one of the most demanding subjects to photograph. The subjects are elusive, and the techniques require precision. But it’s not impossible. Our head of testing, Angela Nicholson, looks at some of the most common mistakes that photographers make when shooting wildlife and offers some advice on how to overcome them.

Sometimes a beautiful landscape can be let down by a dull sky; at other times a wonderful sky shows up when there’s nothing in the foreground. It’s rare that the two come together, which is why landscape photographers often visit the same location many times. If you don’t have that luxury, there is another option: use Photoshop to replace a dull sky.

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